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Pascal "KKADE" Flühmann

born in 1985


Kkade is currently residing in Bern, Switzerland. His first work was created in 1999. After his educational training and working in various jobs to gather experience, he became a freelancer Graphic Designer and Artist in 2011.

KKADE’s works combine a variety of key influences: Swiss graphic traditions such as the crests on the buildings of his city, art deco ornamentation or contemporary insignia from North America, such as those associated with the West Coast tattoo and gang culture. Many diverse companies have appreciated the skilfulness of this combination: KKADE has been asked to design tattoo parlour logos from the States to Australia and enjoys an ongoing collaboration with the Californian gallery, clothing label and art supplies store The Seventh Letter, for which he has designed clothing, exhibited and created a mural in Los Angeles.




Wirz Gruppe, Zürich | Switzerland

Leo Burnett, Zürich | Switzerland

TBWA, Zürich | Switzerland

Aroma, Zürich | Switzerland

Gecko Communication, Bern | Switzerland

Visu`l AG, Bern | Switzerland







Die Taube

Eikon Device, Montreal


Hard Nine Choppers


Mad Heidi Movie

Medics Labor

New Balance


Royal Arena Festival

Reitschule Bern



The Breakfast Club, USA

The Seventh Letter, USA





Bullseye, New York City, USA

Dirty Black Tattoo, Zürich, CH

Depiction Tattoo, Texas, USA

Forever Tattoo, Asheville, USA

Hellfire, Thun, CH

Kailua Studio, Sydney, AUS

Kellerkind, Bern, CH

Kool Savas, DE

Kackmusikk, Luzern, CH

Letters to Live by, Los Angeles, USA

Love Letters Tattoo, Los Angeles, USA

Mantra Tattoo, Denver, USA

Manillio, Bern, CH

Müslüm, Bern, CH

Olde Oak, Oregon, USA

Old Capital, Bern, CH

Sacrifice, Barcelona, ESP



2018  Broken Leaders, with The Seventh Letter, ComplexCon, Long Beach (USA)

2018  Alphabet Group, with Grayscale Gallery, Johannesburg (ZA)

2018  26 - A Lettering Show, with WeMakePDX, Design Week Portland, Oregon (USA)

2017  Broken Fonts II, Solo Exhibition, The Trace Gallery, Zürich (CH)

2017  PREscription, ComplexCon, Group Show, with Known Gallery, Long Beach (USA)

2017  Royal Arena Retrospective, Wes21 & Kkade, La Voirie, Biel/Bienne (CH)

2016  ComplexCon, Group Show, with Known Gallery, Long Beach (USA)

2016  Write Now | Group Show, Hang Fire Gallery, Bristol (UK)

2015  30 Years Screaming Hand, The Seventh Letter Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)

2015  M8 | Group Show, Urban Nation Berlin (DE)

2014  Broken Fonts, Solo Exhibition, The Trace Gallery, Zürich (CH)

2013  Red Bull Curates, Group Show, 320 WEST, Zürich (CH)

2013  Schwarzmaler & Amadeus Waltenspühl, Kunsthalle, Luzern (CH)

2013  Abartig, Group Show, Bern (CH)

2012  Waschküche, Group Show, Bern (CH)

2012  Drop2 | Group Show, Les Docks, Lausanne (CH)

2012  KKADE x BARE04, BlamBlamBlam Gallery, Zürich (CH)

2012  Grafik12, Group Show, Maag Event Halle, Zürich (CH)

2011  Artyou, Basel (CH)

2010  Incident in Budapest, Schwarzmaler, TeleP, Budapest (HUN)



2018  The Container Yard, Los Angeles (USA)

2018  Fresh Baked, with TRAV MSK, Long Beach, (USA)

2018  Amazing Day, Milano (IT)

2017  Aarhus Streetart Festival (DNK)

2017  The Haus, Berlin (DE)

2017  The Seventh Letter, Los Angeles (USA)

2017  Love Letters Tattoo Shop, Los Angeles (USA)

2016  Bushwick Brooklyn, New York City (USA)

2016  Life is too Short, Ruggell (LIE)

2016  AAC, Arhuus Art Convention, Wes21 x Kkade x Semor, Aarhus (DNK)

2015  WhatsArt Wall, together with other Artists, Köln (DE)

2015  Tattoo Convention Live Painting, Dortmund (DE)

2015  AAC, Arhuus Art Convention, Wes21 x Kkade x Semor, Aarhus (DNK)

2014  Fuchs du hast die Gans gestohlen, together with Mr. Woodland, München (DE)

2014  Step in the Arena, Live Painting, Eindhoven (NL)

2014  ILHH Tour, together with Wany, Jiroe and Storm, Live Painting (NL)

2014  Kunstnacht, together with Onur, Konstanz (DE)

2014  Amazing Day, Milano (IT)

2013  UpTop, Kopenhagen (DNK)

2013  Sneakerness, Schwarzmaler & Onur & New Balance, Live Painting, Zürich (CH)

2013  Save 5 Pointz, Wes21 x Onur x Kkade x Semor, New York City (USA)

2013  Elementi Sotterranei, Schwarzmaler, Semor & Onur, Gemona del Fliuri (IT)

2012  Amazing Day, Milano (IT)

2011  5 Pointz, together with Cram, New York (USA)

2010  Meeting of Styles, Lyon (FR)

2010  Amazing Day, Milano (IT)